Carpet Installation

Good Morning everybody. We are going to do a small carpet video. I have last small piece of my console. It’s actually the last part of the interior. The expensive glue is worth the cost. I usually do it in sections. Use the glue liberally about a can every 2 yards for carpet. Let the glue tack up for about a minute or two. When you touch it and you start getting a little strings you know you’re getting close. I like to start with a middle piece, just remember when you do that you have to make sure you have enough material. I’m a big believer in having some throwaway. I have found the carpets really good at hiding imperfections. Use a razor or exacto knife to trim. Inside corners i cut about the distance of the wood. I stay away about a half inch, go at about a 45 just like a present. I’ll trim it a little so I don’t have as much. Spray the edges again, then roll the carpet up and staple it in. Some of this you will have to take precedence of what you are going to see. I will cover the spot that you’re going to see the most and I’ll have to cover up the other spot in a different way. The carpet is forgiving there were wrinkles in it but when the glue is super sticky you can work the wrinkles out of it. The rest is not much different than wrapping a Christmas present. There you have it. Thanks for watching.

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