Making progress on the Camaro

Goodmorning, just a quick update. I haven’t done a whole lot. I’ve been waiting on parts. I did put a protective bar down the side, i got the left and right sub frames put in it. I started playing with the control arms. Theres our fat 9 spidertrack housing we are going to use. Shocks are ordered and on the way. I got some engineers designing me a knuckle for the rear, we figured out we are going to use all the factory stuff. We are going to use the stock spindle and modify it. We cut off all the ears for all the suspension leaks. Were gonna machine the back of it out and an end for the rear end. We will use the stock brakes and emergency brakes. Still have to work on drive shafts. I just wanted to show you that we are making forward progress. Thanks everyone.

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